Decentro deposit APIs allows platforms to collect funds from their customers

Platforms can power direct bank deposits in multiple currencies using the multi-currency virtual account details.

Once the payer pays on the virtual account details, Decentro alerts the platform on the configured end points about the transactions via the callback Inward Credit Notification.

This callback shares the following details of the transaction:

  1. Consumer URN
  2. Virtual account URN
  3. Currency account URN
  4. Created timestamp
  5. Decentro transaction id
  6. Amount
  7. Currency
  8. Updated balance
  9. Payer name
  10. Payer country code
  11. Payer bank name
  12. Callback transaction id
  13. Attempt
  14. Original callback transaction id
  15. Transfer type
  16. Purpose
  17. Status