General FAQs

This page outlines the frequently asked queries by platforms that want to integrate with Decentro's global payments offerings.

1. What are the supported countries where the platform can have a registered business entity?

The platform must have a registered business entity in the United States or Singapore. However, the currencies the platform wishes to collect and countries to which the platform wishes to send payouts have a broader scope. If your business entity is registered in any other country and wants to use Decentro's capabilities, please contact us at [email protected].

2. How do I kickstart my integration journey with Decentro?

Getting started with Decentro is very simple. The platform needs to share the following details with Decentro team:

  • Full name of registered business entity
  • Common name or brand name
  • Communications mobile number
  • Communication email address
  • Company website
  • Company registration country code

With these details, the platform is first onboarded on a test (demo) environment and then test API credentials are shared with the platform. Platforms can use these test credentials for testing out virtual account creation, deposits to virtual accounts, payouts and dashboard.

3. What kind of account does Decentro provide to platforms for collecting funds and initiating payouts?

Each platform that Decentro onboards provides a multi-currency meta wallet, which is referred to as a connected account wallet. The meta wallet offers the following capabilities:

  • Creation of multi-currency virtual account - Each virtual account created by the platform or its merchants sits on top of this meta wallet
  • Holding funds collected in different currencies - All the funds collected on virtual accounts sits in this meta wallet
  • Payouts - For each payout initiated from the virtual accounts, the funds are released from this meta wallet

4. Does Decentro provide any GUI or dashboard to access the offerings?

Yes. Decentro provides platforms with a web dashboard. This dashboard allows platforms to view real-time transaction data, monitor account balances, initiate payments, and view reconciliation-related reports. Test dashboard credentials are shared with the platform, and the test API credentials after test environment onboarding, as mentioned in FAQ 2.

5. Is Decentro a licensed entity on its own?

Decentro works with licensed entities in the backend to simplify platform integrations and payment acceptance.

6. Can Decentro power cross-border transactions?

Decentro can power cross-border collections and payments to individuals/businesses across the globe in almost all the leading currencies.

7. Is IP Whitelisting necessary?

Yes. Decentro only allows API requests from the IPs that it has whitelisted. To get your IP whitelisted, please reach out to us at [email protected].