Test Environment

This section outlines the information related to Decentro's staging (test) environment and how can a platform start testing Decentro's products.

1. What is staging environment?

Staging is a test environment that Decentro provides for testing purposes of APIs and dashboard so that platforms can develop a basic understanding of the stack before they start their integration scoping.

2. What are testing credentials?

Test credentials are used by platforms to access Decentro's APIs and dashboard in staging (test) environment. When a platform is successfully onboarded on the staging environment, Decentro team shares the following credentials with the platforms

  • For API authentication
    1. Client Id
    2. Client Secret
    3. Module Secret
  • For Dashboard access
    1. Login Email
    2. Password

With the test credentials, you can test our APIs in the same way as your live credentials and check out how our APIs provide responses on a test environment called. These credentials are designed to work in this environment only and production credentials will be shared separately post closure of formalities.

Please note that the credentials are unique to a platform and should not be shared within the organisation without consent or with any external partners.

3. How can I start testing the platform, APIs and dashboard?

Once the platforms have received test credentials from Decentro team, they can access Decentro's APIs and dashboard using the following resources

  • Postman collection for testing API - here
  • Dashboard URL - here