Overview & Guide

This page will give you a walkthrough of Decentro and its product offerings. We aim to help you get started, and we'll ensure you are up and running in a jiffy! 🀠

Decentro is a payment infrastructure platform that enables businesses to scale their payments and fintech workflows by integrating with its cutting-edge backend products, such as APIs and SDKs, and user-friendly frontend products, like web apps and dashboards.

πŸ“ What are you looking for?

Let's examine the challenges modern-day businesses face in incorporating fintech and payment flows into their products, what solutions they are looking for, and whether you are in the same boat.

  1. Do you wish to create financial instruments to hold funds in multiple currencies for your customers, vendors, or yourself?
  2. Do you wish to accept and send payments in multiple currencies without worrying about workflows in the backend?
  3. Do you wish to streamline your reconciliation and bookkeeping flows with clear visibility of transactions and their statuses?

🚦 What do we offer?

Decentro presents three foundational product tenets that seamlessly integrate into any online platform's payment and fintech flows, aiming to transact in multiple currencies. By leveraging these tenets, all three challenges above can be effectively resolved. Moreover, Decentro ensures swift integration timelines of mere days alongside highly responsive customer support. Product tenets:

  • Multi-Currency Virtual Accounts: Decentro provides multi-currency virtual accounts that empower platforms to hold funds in various currencies securely. With Decentro's multi-currency virtual accounts, platforms can manage and transact in different currencies effortlessly. Say goodbye to the complexities of handling multiple currencies and embrace a streamlined approach to fund management.
  • Global Payments: Decentro's payment products empower platforms to send and accept money via domestic and SWIFT payment methods in the supported countries. If your business is based in Singapore, with Decentro's payment capabilities, you can make domestic payments via FAST, GIRO, and PayNow and cross-border payments via SWIFT rails.
  • Ledgers: Decentro helps businesses simplify their transactions and money movement through a scalable and immutable solution called Ledgers. Decentro's ledger is designed to handle various types of transactions and money movement, thus allowing the platform to focus on scale and customer experience without worrying about handling transaction reconciliation or updates.