Live Environment

This section outlines the information related to Decentro's production (live) environment.

1. What is production environment?

Production (live) is the live environment where platforms will be transacting after the staging sign-off

2. What is the production environment movement process for platforms?

For a platform to move to production environment, they have to mandatorily complete the following two processes:

  • Verifying the Business - The platforms have to undergo an extended KYC of their business. This entails verification of business incorporation details, director and ultimate beneficial owners' KYC and business use case. To initiate this, the platforms have to fill business KYC form - here
  • Production movement checklist - Once the platforms have completed the integration, they have to demonstrate the following actions to Decentro team. Once this demonstration gets a sign-off from Decentro team, the platform can move to production environment. Actions -
    1. Consumer creation
    2. Virtual account creation
    3. Depositing funds into virtual account
    4. Acknowledge deposit web hook
    5. Beneficiary creation
    6. Initiate payout
    7. Acknowledge payout status update web hook

    3. How much time does Decentro take to verify platform's KYC?

    Generally, it takes between 2 to 7 days for the platform’s KYC to get approved.

    4. Can the KYC approval take more time than 7 days, if yes in what cases?

    Yes, it is very much possible that the approval might take more than 7 days. Typically, this happens when the platform's business is of a restricted category type like Gaming, betting or financial institutions etc. In this case our account manager will reach out to you for collection of additional details.